Background information
Feature films Five nights at freddy's 4
Television programs
Video games fnaf 4 animated book

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Portrayed by
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Voice Roddy McDowall

Vargus Mason

Performance model
Inspiration Tabaqui (The Jungle Book)

Cheezi (the Lion Guard)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Plushtrap the little bunny
Other names plush
Personality crazy,stupid,evil
Appearance little green bunny
Occupation Butler
Goal Kill chris
Home chris's house

nightmare's lair

Allies nightmare and nightmare fredbear , nightmares's gang
Minions none
Enemies chris, terrance,fredbear plush
Likes pizza, rat's flesh
Dislikes the brocoli
Powers and abilities
Weapons teeths and sharp claws
Fate Dies being dragged by nightmare
Quote No boss, I just ...

Great plan, your majesty ...

Well terrance, you want the bear and the boy .. hahahahahahaha .. come and get them

Plushtrap is the tertiary antagonist in the fourth movie of 1996 Five nights at freddy's 4, is a tiny rabbit that helps his master to the victory of being king killing chris, he is played by Roddy McDowall and is replaced by Vargus Mason In the TV series

Apperance Edit

Plushtrap is a green rabbit and is a diminutive version of the main antagonist of the 3rd film Springtrap, with a lighter green color with a darker green tummy, has small sharp claws that is removed and stored at the same time, Round and sharp teeth in his mouth and a characteristic tongue in the middle of the lips that takes it out during his scenes

Role in the film Edit

The fourth film of the saga of five nights at freddy's, try to go to his master to help him with his evil plans to kidnap and attack chris, and at the end of the movie, plushtrap dies being dragged by his king towards Hell and would be a prisoner

in tv series Edit

In the animated series ara to do everything possible to kidnap chris

trivia Edit

  • Plushtrap has many similarities with Cheezi of the lion guard, both say the word '' come get it '', telling it to the protagonists of the series (plushtrap, terrance, cheezi, Kion)
  • Plushtrap looks like the following villains:
  • Carface Carruthers: Both have the presence of ending the protagonists (chris and charlie) and both have a destiny (Carface is dragged by Red to hell and plushtrap is dragged by his master, nightmare)
  • Tabaqui: Both have the presence of killing the main protagonist, following the orders of its chief allies (shere khan and Nightmare)
  • Plushtrap would have the same design of Ed of the film the Lion King
  • Plushtrap keeps a great resemblance to Tabaqui from The Jungle Book Mowgli's brothers
  • Plushtrap is inspired by two characters: Tabaqui and Cheezi

references to the character of the jungle book Edit

Plushtrap is obviously inspired in Tabaqui by Mowgli's brothers, both have the same color and position of eyes