Nightmare fredbear
Background information
Feature films fnaf 4
Television programs
Video games fnaf 4 the origins
Park attractions
Portrayed by jeremy irons
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Voice jeremy irons
Performance model
Inspiration Pennywise the clow from It (stephen king novel)

Scar from the lion king franchise

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name nightmare fredbear the bear
Other names nightmare's gang
Personality evil,crazy,grumpy
Appearance a big bear with a purple blow and hant
Occupation antagonist


Goal kill chris
Home the nightmare's lair
Minions nightmares animatronics
Enemies chris,terrance, fredbear
Likes the death
Dislikes plushtrap's stupidites
Powers and abilities
Weapons fang and sharp claws
Fate Is attacked and devoured by his nigthmare animatronic's gang
Quote I'm surrounded by idiots

Nightmare Fredbear is the main villain in the movie fnaf 4.

Physical Appearance Edit

Fredbear's Nightmare is elegant and balanced, but also scruffy and wild-eyed. He also speaks with an English accent. It is perhaps the bear most evidently of the film, of luxurious and melancholy appearance with a hat of purple color (similar to the one of Freddy krueger), yellow skin of brown color and red eyes distinctive in the form of almond. It has big brown legs with long curved black claws that, unlike those of other bears in the film, are always naked and never retract, alluding perhaps to its vicious nature.

Nightmare fredbear also sport a goatee beard, characteristic of villains, particularly the evil archetype twin that is appropriate. , Thus earning him his namesake (what happened during his youth). Some of his physical features were also based in part on his original voice actor, Jeremy Irons.

Role in the film Edit

Nightmare fredbear is a killer psychopath who tries to kill chris, and being malevolent and evil, next to animatronics nightmare wants to eat the fear of people (thus constituting their food) at the end of the movie, nightmare fredbear, dies devoured by the Animatronics nightmare they tear them apart and eat it alive

Trivia Edit

  • The death of nightmare fredbear is very similar to that of scar (in the lion king) that dramatizes the death of both villains eaten by other animals of different species (scar, hyenas, nightmare fredbear, animatronics nightmare)
  • Nightmare Fredbear keeps many smiles with Scar of the Lion King
  • Both have a very identical nose
  • Both are manipulative and evil and cruel
  • Both kill the brother of the main character (Scar, mufasa; nightmare fredbear, springbonnie)
  • Both are interpreted by jeremy irons
  • In most of his scenes Nightmare fredbear appears with a form similar to Scar

References to Scar Edit

Nightmare fredbear is inspired by the evil lion Scar . Both have a very similar character in which both kill the brother of the main protagonist and both have a fate of their own, scar dies devoured by hyenas and nightmare fredbear dies devoured by his gang of nightmares