Nightmare Bonnie
Background information
Feature films Five nights at freddy's 4 disney film
Television programs
Video games fnaf 4 animated book

fnaf animatronic rush fnaf the origins

Park attractions
Portrayed by David schwimmers
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Animators don bluth
Performance model
Inspiration Ed Hyena From The Lion king

Nuka from the Lion king 2 Simba's prides

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name nightmare bonnie the bunny
Other names nightmare's gang, nightmare fredbear
Personality crazy, agressive, stupid..
Appearance a bunny with a red bow
Occupation antagonist
Goal kill chris
Home outlands , chris's house
Enemies chris,terrance, fredbear,fredbear's plush, nightmare fredbear
Likes human flesh
Dislikes That nightmare fredbear did not betray his clan of halgo that had done
Powers and abilities
Weapons fang and sharp claws
Quote hey.. what's the plan?

evil laugh

Nightmare bonnie is the segundary antagonist in the 1996 film fnaf 4 and the 2004 series golden years. he is played be David Schwimmer

physical appereance Edit

Nightmare Bonnie has a great resemblence to Ed from the lion king , is a big bunny what has a red blow

role in film Edit

five nights at freddy's 4

In fnaf 4 disney, they were in charge to provoke the avalanche that finished with spring bonnie (the brother of fredbear). Later they were sent by nightmare fredbear to assassinate Kenny in their house by four days until the night 5, but they failed, hiding the truth to the bad bear. Then nigthmare fredbear on his fifth night is going to kill Kenny but on his two nights he fails. Finally, when fredbear is going to rescue Kenny along with terrence and fredbear plush, they will face them in the final battle,. Later they see how Nightmare fredbear betrays them of everything to try to be saved, being infuriated with him. After the battle with his rival, nigthmare fredbear falls into the void, but survives, meeting he and his gang , who eat for blaming them for something they did not do

Trivia Edit

  • nightmare bonnie is the only villainof disney to have more aggressiveness like the other villains of disney
  • nightmare bonnie have many similarities with ed of the Lion King
  • Unlike the other characters in the movie, nightmare bonnie is equivalent to ed of the lion king
  • In the drafts of the film they had a different design, but the creators decided to put the same design hyenas of the lion king
  • In the alternate ending nightmare freddy and nightmare bonnie, they fell to their death, but the creators decided that they would kill like revenge to nightmare fredbear tear and eating it alive
  • nightmare bonnie is be inspired by ed

References to ed from the lion king Edit

nightmare bonnie is inpired by the hyena of the first film of the lion king, Ed, and banzai , in several scenes they appear as a trio with nightmare foxy similar to shenzi banzai and ed