Good Jane Doe
Background information
Feature films live action Patchy's Hero films
The King of Plainwell films
Television programs Patchy's Hero character force
The King of Plainwell
Video games King Eddie in wonderland the video game
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Portrayed by
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Voice Jodi Benson
Performance model C Raggio
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Character information
Full name Good Jane Doe
Other names Good Miss. Jane Doe, Good Miss. Doe
Personality Beautiful, smart, sweet, kind
Appearance blonde hair, female deer, squirrel scoutmistress uniform, dresses, big poofy dresses, ball gowns, one-piece bathing suits, dark blue bikini, leotards, puffer doe, blue giant tutu dress, ballet nutcracker, swimming ball gowns, high heels
Occupation Good Scoutmaster Lumpus's crush, Good Squirrel Scout leader
Affiliations Good
Goal play with the Good Squirrel Scouts
Home Good Squirrel Scouts Mansion
Relatives Mother
Allies Good Squirrel Scouts, Good Scoutmaster Lumpus
Enemies Bad Jane Doe
Bad Squirrel Scouts
Likes dresses, girly stuff, big poofy dresses, one-piece bathing suits, gymnastic leotards, being a puffer doe, floating in ball gowns, wearing ball gowns, making her hair grow longer
Dislikes her ball gowns being muddy, her hair being damage, her and the Good Squirrel Scouts girly stuff getting destroyed by Evil Emmet Paul
Powers and abilities strength

Good Jane Doe is a Good Squirrel Scout leader from the Good Squirrel Scouts mansion