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Good Nina Neckerly
Background information
Feature films The King of Plainwell movies
Television programs The King of Plainwell
King of the Jungle
Cartoon Slafe
Oh Nina (TV series)
Video games Halo vs. Tighten on Megamind
Park attractions
Portrayed by
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Voice Jill Talley
Performance model
Designer "C" Raggio
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nina Neckerly
Other names
Personality Scholarly, Nice, Beautiful, bookish, intelligent
Appearance Orange hair, orange sash band, blue neckerchief, blue dress, blue shirt, blue skirt, dark blue hat, dark brown shoes, glasses, Blue cap, new ballgownish dress, ball gowns, blue one-piece bathing suit, light blue bikini
Occupation reads Sci-Fi books, gets pregnant with an alien, Mr. PaulBerg's girlfriend
Affiliations Good
Goal to invent things
Relatives Nina's mom
Allies Good Patsy, Mr. PaulBerg, King Eddie
Enemies None
Likes good aliens, science fiction, space stuff, inventions, wearing one-piece bathing suits, wearing leotards, her spacesuits, doing fashion, wearing her dresses (including big dresses), her nails to be pretty
Dislikes Squirrel Scouts being mean to her, Chucky from (Child's Play), getting hurt
Powers and abilities strength
Fate Mr. PaulBerg's love for

Good Nina is Mr. Paulberg's favorite character from the tv series Camp Lazlo.