Emmie Narrison
Background information
Feature films Emmie the Cannible
Emmie the Cannible 2: return of a virus
Emmie the Cannible 3: carnivore species
the bridal of Emmie
senior of mr. Narrison
Television programs
Video games Halo vs. Tighten on Megamind
Park attractions
Portrayed by Emmet PaulBerg
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Performance model
Inspiration Horror movies featuring Emmet Paul
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Handsome, dimwitted, selfish, strong, tough, evil, vicious, dangerous, aggressive
Appearance sharp crooked teeth with braces on, velociraptor claws throw sneakers, black claws sharp like grizzlies, a black t-shirt, as a teenager, blue denim, brown hair, blue eyes
Occupation An evil man-eating predator
Affiliations Bad


Goal to be unintelligent, kill people,

eat human flesh

Home graveyard
Relatives his love giselle bow
Allies None
Enemies Humans, animals
Likes bad guys, mutants, other creatures that are ugly, aliens, human flesh
Dislikes girly stuff, girly girls, animals, humans, people protecting animals, someone protecting people
Powers and abilities
Weapons Claws on fingers, voodoo dolls, sharp crooked teeth, strength, magical voodoo animal crackers, velociraptor claws on 2 big toes
Quote (your all blown up pets)

(I see that girl up there hanging on a tree)

Emmie is a wicked dieased man-eating person dieased by a deadly virus


Narrison is made-up into a wicked man-eating warlock who can like guy stuff and other creatures like aliens and he can hate a lot of girly stuff that is too girly too him like dresses, and hates animals also and even kills them.