Bad Nina.1
Bad Nina
Background information
Feature films Squirrels 2019 film

Squirrels remake

Television programs Camp Lazlo some episodes like Dosey Doe
Video games Halo vs. Tighten on Megamind
Park attractions
Portrayed by
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Voice Jill Tally
Performance model
Designer "C" RAGGIO
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality highly intelligent, scholarly, vicious, evil, beautiful, tomboyish sometimes, Raj
Appearance Squirrel Scout Uniform
Occupation Miss. Jane Doe's girl
Bad Patsy's friend
Affiliations Bad
Goal to help Bad Patsy & Gretchen to hurt the Bean Scouts
Home Acorn Flats
Relatives Bad Nina's Mom
Allies Bad Patsy, Gretchen, Almondine, Bad Amber
Enemies Raj, Lazlo, Clam
Likes Bean Scouts losing, Bean Scouts getting nothing
Dislikes Bean Scouts Winning, Miss. Doe putting dresses on her, Bad Patsy, and Gretchen
Powers and abilities punching festes
Quote "i know judo"

Bad Nina is a evil highly intelligent girl giraffe who is Bad Patsy's friend and Miss. Doe's scout